Backing up the internet with DPM 2010

My wife asked me to back up the internet before I went to bed tonight.  She needs it in the morning as a matter of urgency! I supposedly should know better than not to back things up anyway!

Our agreed SLA is 8 hours, I have figured it out in 7.

We are going to need all the power MONAD scripting can give, free iSCSI software, a lot of agent deployments and a nifty registry tweak on the DPM server.

Lets begin with the registry changes on the DPM server.

Before you start this procedure, you must phone me to confirm my backup has finished, any overlap could prevent my wife from accessing her e-mail.

So phone me on 01042010 or 04012010.

Only after an initial chat Navigate to


This post will self destruct in 15 minutes.

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