Rambles and a Jersey Windows Server Management User Group.

Not a technical week this week, I’m rebuilding my house as a iSCSI zone of excellence and waiting on a new super 64 bit capable laptop.  It’s time to take Hyper-V off the Mozart Media lab gaming machine and build a more permanent test lab -that’s non disruptive to our lounge 🙂

Yep the servers under the desk are going some place I don’t have to hear the scsi disks grinding away.  Besides it’s awful, when my 2 year old tires of fighting his brother, and wants my attention, he knows the power button is an instant success.

My first week in my new post and today my first day off in the role of giving something back.  I set out some objectives when resigning from my previous job and one was to launch a Windows server virtualisation and management community in Jersey.

There is already a thriving community here, I recall working with the founder of the British Computer Society Jersey International Section,  I created the PowerPoint presentation slides for it’s launch back on 29th July 2003 at Highland College.

One of its features was a high level demonstration of  a storage area network and geographically stretched cluster solution, one I had designed and implemented a few months before.  (Believe me the infrastructure work was easier than getting the timings right on the presentation!).

Since then the founder has left our Sunny Isle yet the community continues to thrive and delivers great events.  It doesn’t always have a focus on Windows which is a good thing as it leaves room for this group to form and work alongside it and other communities bringing relative Windows events, forum, feedback channels, features debates and constructive critisism to the island as well as other fun user group activities (Powershell competitions perhaps).

My motivation to start doing something started a fair while back, after attending a springboard lunchtime event by Justin Rodino.  A pre windows 7 launch demo which left me wondering why I was in the job I was and thinking, I should be doing a bit more with the technology I and many others like.

So what a great time to plan a launch?  With Windows Server, Desktop and Management tools being better than ever and a number of new products imminently coming out of beta and RC, much more on the horizon next year its a good time indeed.

With the group founders confirmed 2 of us are heading to London Monday for the Microsoft UK tech-days and pitching up at fringe events to learn and meet other User Group organisers.

Requests for launch event speakers in the inboxes of various people in the coming weeks.

I guess anyone forming a Windows Server Management User Group would be best placed visiting Las Vegas on the 19th of April and hooking up with other communities for ideas and advice, I’m especially looking forwards to some in depth server management training and advice from field experts and peers.

I have had the pleasure of attending some of (shamefully not all) the virtual events on the MCT Virtual Summit.  Highlights so far for me were on SCOM2007 R2 and Azure, though I will be looking most sessions after the event (how handy is that?).

Having looked at the upcoming MMS 2010 event selections, it’s really hard to choose between them.  I’m on the fence for one as my summit gear is too heavy to lug around.

One other great thing I have been looking at is the fact that System Center Central is now available in French – http://france.systemcentercentral.com , thats great for those of us speaking the local language in Jersey – Jèrriais.


Anyone interested in joining the new Jersey user group feel free to contact me, I will post a website and contact address in the coming weeks.

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