What might IaaS look like in a private hosted cloud?


Today’s post is inspired by friends who stopped me in the shop, asking me to explain what a small IaaS customer in a cloud actually looks like?


Ever since I stopped smoking last year,  I don’t have a fag packet to draw the details on.

I promised to draw something on my blog so here is, an example of what a small customers IaaS setup might look like on paper.

I’m more into visualising services these days, services that are accessible from anywhere, consisting of enough computing hardware and virtualised resources to deliver a customers needs.

As a server and storage guy, I see the above image in a different way depending the on conversation at hand.




As a storage guy, I see it like this.






As a server guy, like this.



imageAs a network & security guy, like this.




As an admin, this is pretty much all I need to see.

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