Tech-Ed 2010 North America – summary.

Here is my summary of Microsoft Tech-ED North America 2010.  Hosted in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

I have been to a major Microsoft event in both Europe and America now, I had an awesome time learning, even though a few times the demo gods let the presenters down, there was never enough to have spoiled a session I attended though.

The good stuff – Maximising on Learning

From the corridors, expo hall’s learning centres, vendor booths, sessions and lunches I took opportunity to speak with product managers, technical consultants, MVP’s and a multitude of very talented technical people whom contributed to my overall learning experience.

With that many IT people in town it was hard not to talk shop every other minute of the day so the learning just continued into the evenings most days.


I covered Systems Management, Virtualisation, Servers, Storage, Powershell, Visual Studio and Security. 

Apart from Microsoft current and upcoming products I reviewed EMC, HP, Intel, Citrix, Symantec, Shavlick, Sanbolic, Compellent, Double-Take and Virsto’s products.


My favourite Sessions

If I had to choose a few top sessions I would go with these in no particular order:







Community and Fun

Thanks for the element of fun the born to learn, MCT and MVP community add to the experience. I have a nice photo of me all dressed up as a pirate, my kids loved that.



I have some interesting stuff but its never enough and I ate some of it.


Technical Learning Centers

I managed to meet Brooke Chapman from the Server & Cloud Division Information Experience Team, the Rocket rules…

You can read about the International Customer Advisory Board here and there is a new post today on Modular test lab guides which you can see here.

Wondering around the TLC’s I discussed Forefront, Hyper-V, Service Manager, Powershell & Visual Studio, I spoke to some experts and seriously you could take an etchasketch with you and get a whole solution designed in an hour by quizzing these experts.



Being the book collector that I am, I picked up System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Unleashed, I also discovered a new backup book on the way to a shop near you in August – Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers.  Perhaps we will review this in our user group.



Exams are discounted at the event, I attended an exam prep and then sat one of the exams, this is a great idea, I much prefer to hear from an expert what topics and technology the exam will test me on then I can evaluate if I am up for it or not.


Lots of labs, I managed a couple in between sessions.


Tips for fist time attendance

Any event like this you want to get your tracks and sessions sorted before arriving, like this you have plenty of time for a few minor changes allowing you a smooth orientation.  I did not do that 5 years ago and while I took away lot I didn’t maximise on the event.


Recorded Sessions

Some of the event sessions are recorded and are available online @ 


Tech-Ed 2010 Europe

You can click on the banner to find out more and register.



My rant – The breakfast was mediocre and events door bouncers a bit annoying at times.

Shame on some of those event staff, they had attitude, running around inside the sessions with those noisy clickers counting people – very irritating indeed. 

They also threw the doors open at the end of each session regardless of the time, that’s just rude, we pay to be there and the presenters are paid to speak to us, this happened in a few of my sessions and I soon learnt not to sit too close to those doors.

I also ran the length of the complex to get to a session high up on my agenda, the doors were closed with a full sign and that was that…. Instead I went to the shops and got ripped off paying more than double the value for a present.  I was double angry for a while.

My own bad transport Luck

My visit had some hitches with my bag arriving 6 days after me, I had to spend time finding clothes and could not charge my phone or tablet at will (thanks to the HP booth staff whom charged the tablet a few times).

To top it off my new bigger bag was also beaten up and delayed over 24 hours on the way back.  The airlines letter is coming, they squished me like a sardine on the way back, never been so uncomfortable in my 200 or so flights.  They are tight – literally.

Would I go again (North America)

Probably to work but not likely as a delegate, the Management Summit will be my venue next year.

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  1. Written by mindy anderson
    on July 7, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I am happy to send swag and sponsor a Hyper-V best practices user group. Let me know how we proceed and an address for swag. 🙂

  2. Written by virtualfat
    on June 17, 2010 at 12:41 am

    Swag is always required, want to sponsor a Hyper-V Best Practices User Group Event?

    If so I would be happy to demo the product.

  3. Written by mindy anderson
    on June 15, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Hi – Thanks for the mention!

    Did you get to see enough of our product? Do you want an eval copy? Do you need some other swag? 🙂

    Sounds, like your flight back was similar to mine… it took me four planes and I was only going back to San Francisco!

    Best, Mindy.

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