Virtual SQL on Hyper-V? Oh yes you can……



SQL is just another application that has its requirements for performing when virtualised.

I’ve worked with SQL since version 6.5 and had to performance tune it occasionally or find the bottlenecks especially at the hardware and Operating System configuration perspective, I’m not a DBA and don’t profess to know normalisation or the difference between an inner or outer join, I don’t know about analysing indexes or why tempdb exists, I do know where my logs would rather be.  I’m more about if there’s a difference between SQL mirroring and say Double Takes mirroring and what the impact of backups and antivirus.

Anyway if your into virtualisation and SQL then this recent whitepaper is for you.

In May Microsoft produced this 40 page white paper – High Performance SQL Server Workloads on Hyper-V  I enjoyed it and thought its worth a post.

There are multiple links and references to additional reading throughout this guide and 4 pages full of them at the end.

Microsoft has a page on this subject you can dive into here.

My pennies worth is:  If you have your LOB SQL server virtualised and it does not perform well, get clued up on what makes SQL rock and roll from a hardware perspective, apply that in the virtual word and make sure in a shared SAN you don’t just test SQL, if other systems will impact your SQL servers underlying disk array, test them all under load at the same time to get a feel for some potential SQL performance issue you may have or those that your LOB SQL could cause on other systems.

Oh and remember to look at everything, backups mirroring, antivirus and all the other overheads.  Performance isn’t rocket science but it can be painful if you don’t test and baseline before going live.


PS it doesn’t matter too much what virtualisation technology you use.  Your core best practices apply….

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