Upcoming Azure features announced at PDC 2010

Announced at the PDC (viewable online here) are upcoming Azure features which will greatly simplify the creation or migration of applications.

Some of those features announced that I can’t wait to get all hybrid with…

Virtual Machine Roles

The ability to move on premise VM’s to Azure.  Not just move, in CY2011 we can expect to create them directly in Azure.  The cost of the Virtual Machine roles will be priced the same way the Web and Worker Roles, you can see the listed role compute prices here.

Server Application Virtualisation

This gives us a great way to separate server applications out from the underlying OS.  It’s going to make consolidation, migration and maintenance that much easier.  I think this means in the future I can transfer server workloads from OS to OS or OS to Azure without the need for the full long distance VM migration.

 Azure Connect

imageA feature of Windows Azure Virtual Network that will allow you to setup IP connectivity between your on premise network and Azure services.  For example a public facing website hosted in Azure with an on premise database.

Remote Desktop

Connect to in instance of an application for monitoring and troubleshooting.

That’s my IT Pro take on Azures new feature I like, if you want more there is more details on the announced features and their release dates here.

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