Windows & SQL Azure Readiness with MAP 5.5

A few weeks ago I mentioned the latest beta release of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning tool.

I wanted to test the new Azure readiness feature and thought I’d share its use on my blog.

After the install is completed I ran the Inventory and Assessment Wizard choosing the Azure scenario


Choose from the appropriate discovery methods (don’t try this at home without consent from the appropriate service or infrastructure owners)


In my case I have used Active Directory and Windows networking protocols then selected the appropriate AD domain.

I have entered credentials for WMI and for a SQL Windows Authentication account  (you can set SQL credentials too if needed).

Once the inventory had completed I could select Azure readiness and had some summary results on my web apps.


In the Action pain was a task to Generate report

A dialogue opens and shows the progress and when finished I could access the report by selecting  View / Saved Reports and Proposal

The report

This excel report consist of a 4 worksheets – a summary,Web App, SQL and Server breakdown.

I note in this Excel spread sheet on the SQL breakdown you have all the Database sizes followed by MB in the same field, to get a quick total you can use find and replace to replace MB with nothing and then be able to total your DB storage.


There is a lot more this tool can be used for, and if your using it I recommend you provide feedback and feature requests on Microsoft connect to keep it feature rich and innovative.

If you are new to  MAP I’d recommend reading “Preparing Your Environment” in the getting started guide, this will help you determine what you may need to change to get optimal inventory results.

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