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A few weeks ago I was at Inframon’s War on Cost event in London.  Prior to the event I had the opportunity to meet some of the team and a few Microsoft staff.  One conversation I had was around the many scenarios and capabilities of using System Center Opalis. 

Part of my response to a thread last year – IT operational cost reductionwas process automation.  Efficient data centers is one of the ongoing reasons I continue to attend events such as ‘the war on cost’ and review tools like Opalis which can make a difference.

Here are some examples of how I think Opalis can help cost reduction:


If your running a datacentre and have a beady eye on cost reduction, my opinion is that Opalis has something you may want to look into.

Further resources

A video introduction and technical overview –

The 180 day trial from the Opalis team page –

Pete Zerger of System Center Central has posted some articles and within these are many resources:

 – Opalis HOW-TO Articles

A Glossary of Opalis Components and Terminology

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