SCVMM SSP 2.0 Message Queuing directory service integration

I’m running through another implementation of of the great private cloud tool – VMM SSP 2.0. I have found an issue with one of the installation  prerequisites.  Message Queuing is showing as not installed even though I have installed it and rebooted.


A quick look in the event logs shows some likely errors to consider.

Event 2116, MSMQ

Message Queuing was unable to create the msmq (MSMQ Configuration) object in Active Directory Domain Services. Error c00e0025h:

Event 2124, MSMQ

The Message Queuing service failed to join to the computer’s domain ‘XYZ’. Error 0xc00e0025:


To resolve this I have granted the Create/Delete MSMQ Configuration objects permission to the SELF account for the Computer object.  Then, remove MSMQ and installed again.  This time when looking at the computer object in AD I can see the properties for MSMQ have been created and the prerequisite is now met.

There is a registry work around in the VMM SSP forums which has helped others but I’m keen to know more about this, why etc.  If you have knowledge and can advise me on why this happens and what is the most appropriate resolution I’m keen to learn and share it here.

This works for me in a non production lab, if you experience this in a production environment be sure to obtain official confirmation on the resolution.

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