Back from my trip – happy new year

Wow, today I am back from 3 weeks in la belle France.  This Christmas my wife and I finally had our new septic system fitted, we have been trying to co-ordinate it for 6 years!  It cost the earth and involves a lot of digging and a lot of space.

We were snowed in initially, that made for some good fun sledging, however it did mean carrying 100 kilos of baggage from the car which could not make the last 50 meters to the house. My media center and books for revision were 38.5 kilos in one roller bag and in 30cm snow that’s not so easy in normal shoes.

Speaking of revision the books I took on holiday were:


I figured I would be reading while building some labs in my most powerful overclocked quad core media center who’s only drawback is my limited typing speed and the IO available to a few USB external disks.

I  read a lot of whitepapers and IPD’s which thankfully did not have to be dragged over the snow, rather pulled down over the internet on my lethargic edge connection!

I am now reading all of the above and using them as reference for my lab, to top that off I just received Hyper-V [v2] sous Windows 2008 R2 by David Lachari, it’s French, my last French technical book was the French edition of Mastering Windows 2003.

It was not all about study, I received many congratulations for my culinary experiments and last but most importantly, one of my best friends flew over for New year bearing a gift for my boys and I.  I now have a Kinect, it is super fun and I am top puppy on Kinect Adventures!

Back to normality, blogging and perhaps a little light cooking.

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