Increase password complexity, use a fingerprint reader…

I’m just doing some light reading on Windows 7 security, I found this Windows 7 Security Primer  article interesting and it made me think of a useful security enhancement I have begun using on my my HP TouchSmart tm2, the built in finger print reader.  It comes with HP SimplePass, a password database app that recognises the login fields of websites and offers to use a fingerprint for authentication.

HP TouchSmart tm2-1000 Notebook PC series - HP Home Laptop PCs

Since I only need to type them in once, I have started to go back and increase the complexity of my favourite passwords, so now each site requiring authentication and Windows login is just a quick swipe of the finger.  I suppose the catch is that when the reader breaks I am in trouble if my memory fails me…


Improving security at home is forever on the back of my mind and this year I am putting a bit more effort to becoming home PC savvy!  I doubt I’m the only IT pro that treats business and workplace based security solutions with a far higher priority than my own.

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