Take SCVMM2012 out for a guided test drive.

“We are on a long roadmap with SCVMM”, that is what Microsoft’s virtualization team said back on September 6th 2007. Virtual Machine Manager was at RTM back then and since that announcement this System Center application has grown to be very welcome datacentre tool indeed.

In this latest upcoming edition of Virtual Machine Manager we see innovation that transforms the product from what is a dynamic datacentre tool, to the next generation of cloud, virtual machine and service management solutions.

Earlier in the year I attended the Management Summit and this slide was one shown at the beginning of a serious of session in which I was given a full overview of what I believe will become a very popular datacentre product.


To find out about this version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager in an interactive way, you can apply to the official guided Community Evaluation Program. I highly recommend this style of program to people considering deploying, migrating to or upgrading SCVMM.

To discover and enrol for the VMM Community Evaluation program Follow the link below

Apply to Virtual Machine Manager CEP

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