VMWare Memory Licencing

My blog is quite due to being snowed under, however I do read the news and can’t help but comment on this one. Licencing to me is a pain in the proverbial, I’m an engineer, architect, consultant and administrator and not an accountant. Apparently I need to be one as I now have even more to worry about with yet another critical resource tax.

Memory licencing has been written about by many analysts and experts and debated in the forums by customers and partners so I wont write up a lengthy opinion until I have fully reviewed the latest vSphere technology.

One company that’s posted a good article is vKernel If your interested to see what the leading capacity management people have to say, check out their new blog post including links to their free tools and whitepaper to help with memory sizing.

vRAM Pricing – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

While I try to remain agnostic in my consultancy one thinks I will not only recommend Hyper-V for Microsoft workloads but going forwards I’ll be avoiding vSPhere where memory hungry solutions such as document management would be very costly and are better suited with a hypervisor that doesn’t have taxes imposed!

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