Techies in the 80’s

Earlier this year I wrote an article on my blog about my history and some technical experiences called Backup Evolution

Today I thought I would open up one of the boxes from my late mothers belongings, I found cool photo’s and my school reports. Lots of interesting stuff but this particularly inspired me. A States Of Jersey job description questionnaire from the local college dated 30 June 1987. That makes me 11 at the time and is 24 years ago.

I often wonder who influenced little @virtualfat into this industry and I think I pretty much found one of the ringleaders!

I remember spending at least one summer holiday in the college poking around in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, nothing hides from 11 year olds and that is fact.

You could find me zooming the college hallways on a Go Kart, I recall people taking the stairs when I filled the lift with the Kart! Frankly, I remember really enjoying a summer there, it was huge and mostly empty and wasn’t there a piano? I like pianos.

Here’s a little tech details of this blast from past:

Her job title was: Computer Technician


And the responsibilities were…


The knowledge and experience required?


That’s quite a bit of knowledge required and this post would be too long if I added all the other tasks and experience mention in the following job pages.

Now here’s something I really find interesting. about that 80’s equipment? What fun was being had up at the local college back then?


That’s a nice list, I think I’m too young remember hand on with some of this if it all, I do remember using the Ferranti’s, Amstrads, IBMs, BBCs and the photocopier. I do remember the day a mainframe was delivered from one of the local banks, they had to have planks of wood laid down on the floor, so it could be rolled down the corridors! Anyone remember which bank and which model?

These days I don’t know the kit list but for a small island, I’d say the local college is doing pretty well with many great courses.

Oh yeah, I am the little bugger that stole many 5 1/4” disks, beat your high score on Dig Dug. I also could fly through the hanger on Microsoft Flight simulator and plaid relentless hours of Rogue.

Something vaguely suggest there was a drinks dispenser with unlimited hot chocolate in the staff canteen, the chairs were orange…. Wow, some memory from a job questionnaire.

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  1. Written by Neil Spellings
    on August 12, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Only 1 BBC model B and 20 Amstrads? Surely some mistake?! 🙂

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