Results of the Hyper-V Survey

I finally found time to review the results of a recent Hyper-V survey conducted by Aidan Finn, Hans Vredvoort and Damian Flynn. A great piece of work, the collection and analysis of this information had my eyebrows raised more than once and on occasion I found myself chuckling at the things Aidan doesn’t like.

If your not familiar with the survey, it was 80 questions and received a response from 650 customers around the world. Below are the the sections to give a taster of the contents. A highly recommended read for IT managers deploying virtualization and of course for consultants and administrators.

Section 1: Why Hyper-V

Section 2: Hyper-V Implementation

Section 3: Systems Management

Section 4: Private Cloud

Section 5: The Year is 2012

To read and download the results head to the blogs of the authors by clicking on their names above.

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