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Over in Las Vegas at Microsoft Management Summit this year I attended almost every session to learn about this exceptional third iteration product. Using remote protocol I traversed back to my shuttle and installed it minutes after the beta was released, since then I have been quietly poking around enjoying the direction it’s taken.

Perhaps Microsoft do not see VMM as a flagship product today, virtualfat will go out on a limb, shake his fist and say – it should be! Not because I’m nuts about virtualization and management, because I think this whole decoupling applications from operating’s systems, rapidly deploying services, self service delegation and simple scalability (I could really on and wont just now) is the way forwards in infrastructure design and management.

I wrote to a product team member a long time ago complaining about the number of consoles in the management technologies. If they listened, chose to agree or not, I will probably never know! However what I tried to say to that program lead was… To take a look from the Server Admin perspective, visit the good old NT4.0 days when products like Hyena brought many essential tools into a single functional workspace.

Remember the launch of the MMC? That probably stunted Hyena a bit…

Around the time my e-mail went in I also got the time to say this in response to a blog question.


Anyway someone is working for System Admins because DPM2012 and SCOM integration is exactly what I see as hugely beneficial but really only the tip of the one flexi-console iceberg.

SCVMM is ultimately about to become the tool to have and thus forth its time launch my “modus operandi in nubibus“ campaign.

If you are in Jersey next week I’d strongly recommend attending the BCS AGM where we will show you SCVMM 2012 and much more. By the way this is rare opportunity to talk to a visiting enterprise System Center architect and trainer from a very well known company.

Keep your eyes peeled for JWUG sessions, upcoming Master Classes and Workshops on this subject. If you want upgrade or planning help, feel free to track me down next month!

Have you looked at the benefits of “Windows Server 8”?

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  1. Written by Vinicius Apolinario
    on January 3, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    One Console to rule them all!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

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