Microsoft’s New Cloud Assessment Tool

Well there’s something new and interesting. Microsoft have released a cloud based tool to help partners asses their customer cloud computing needs.

I have already run a sample client through the tool and it’s a real time saver. Not only will partners benefit in time saved, clients will soon benefit as this may bring more structured approach to the cloud conversations.

How do you get running with this tool? Simply register here.

Wait for your activation e-mail



follow the link in your e-mail and start work on areas such as Messaging, Collaboration, Unified Comms, CRM or Line Of Business.


I ran my sample customer through this and from LOB application they showed Private Cloud as the clear choice.


I hope you enjoy working with it and if you don’t feel it’s enough and need that more personal touch from someone like the “Cloud Stig” to drive your cloud decisions to success?

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