Windows 8 RP Hyper-V Export

Now that I am using Windows 8 Release Preview on my tablet and desktops it occurred to me I could build Virtual Machines destined for servers right here using the local Hypervisor. That means new portability for things I’m working. I thought I’d capture the export and import process  between Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 2012 Release Candidate.

To start the process I have created the Virtual Machines in Hyper-V Manager on a Windows 8 PC, then shut them down ready for export. Note, you can’t export a running or paused virtual machine.

If you have a few Virtual machines you can selected multiple them at the the same time then to perform an export, select the machines then right click and and press export.




Next we need to select a local directory to export the machines to.




You may like to know, if you happened to select the incorrect virtual machine for export? you can cancel it individually while the others will continue to export.




Once the export completes we need to copy the files over to the target server, on the target server login and open Hyper-V manager.


In the Hyper-V Manager Right click on the target Hyper-V server then select Import Virtual Machine, the wizard launches, on the first screen click Next




Select the folder to import from then select Next, select the Virtual Machines to import then Select Next



Select to Register or Restore the Virtual Machine keeping the existing unique ID or Select to Copy the virtual machine creating a new unique ID. For these I am Registering them in-place and Selecting Next. Review the options then Select Finish

So that’s, a few VM’s built on the fly up and running on a server in a few clicks. It’s worth noting my original machines are still there, I can now remove them by selecting delete in Hyper-V.

I’m not sure what every else thinks but the more I use the Windows Sever 2012, the Metro interface and a few apps, the less I like Windows 2008 and Window 7 Smile.

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