Just 3 days to go until Europes E2E Virtualization conference. Will you be there?


Tonight I have the pleasure of packing my bag for my 4th attendance at Europe’s leading virtualization conference. As I flick through agenda I see I will have a few moments where I want to be in two sessions at the same time. E2E sessions are generally recorded and available afterwards along with slides, however one of the most valuable E2E conference benefits is that I can ask someone to introduce me to the presenter in the other track and chat about their topic or software.

CheeringI don’t blog all that much right now but I know it’s only fair I play a part in continuing to raise E2E awareness, that new IT heroes venturing onto the world of software defined everything, may chance upon the opportunity to hook up with some excellent real-world speakers, bloggers authors and founders of cool virtualization technology firms and products. Let’s make sure the learning budgets and travel plans for 2014 are updated accordingly!

What you may ask, makes this E2E conference so good? My opinion (which is best evaluated by your attendance in the future) is that the organisers, speakers and attendees all play their part in generating an intellectual industry buzz and unparalleled relaxed atmosphere in which to soak up as much information as possible.

I’ll quickly summarise the E2E magic as I see it:

If that’s not enough, I’m going to be talking about some often overlooked yet critically important elements of any good virtualization project, specifically highlighting some benefits to be leveraged from some the System Center 2012 R2 components such as Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and Data Protection Manager.

If your reading this and think  that on this Friday you want now want to join us in Rome then head over to http://www.e2evc.com/home/ and register for what may be the last ticket for one of the most rewarding weekends. Of course if you can’t make it, here’s a few of the attendee twitter handles you may wish to follow to find out more and keep up to date on the many other not quite so amazing but none the less interesting events.

@pcrampton, @joe_elway, @shawnbass, @ThomasMaurer, @Andrea_Mauro, @hansdeleenheer, @drtritsch, @WorkingHardInIT, @HelgeKlein, @JimMoyle, @neilspellings, @andyjmorgan, @KBaggerman, @CarlWebster, @bsonposh, @gilwood_cs, @E2EVC, @KristianNese, @_POPPELGAARD, @barryschiffer, @RemkoWeijnen, @IngmarVerheij, @WilcovanBragt, @david_obrien, @Microspecialist, @virtualfat, @LFoverskov, @virtuEs_IT, @stibakke, @granttiller, @Easi123, @ChrisJMarks, @arbeijer, @znackattack, @ShaunRitchie_UK, @Rob_Aarts, @StefanKoell, @EHouben, @crachfahl, @JeroenTielen, @plompr, @Gkunst, @drmiru, @espenbe, @marcdrinkwater, @DocsMortar, @AlBayliss, @wedelit, @pzykomAtle, @LoDani, @fborozan, @JeffWouters, @mrpickford, @smspasscode, @schose, @rvanderkruk, @TimmBrochhaus, @HansMinnee, @JZanten, @Sargola, @JaspervanWesten, @airdeca_nl, @danielBuonocore@PeppelT, @TondeVreede, @pcortis, @ConorScolard, @CarstenDreyer, @arnaud_pain, @RoyTextor, @saschazimmer, @abstrask, @loopern, @PulseITch, @joarleithe, clarecoops9, @rfolmer, @wimoortgiesen

I look forward to meeting you in Rome or at another E2E conference next year 🙂

– @virtualfat

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