Falling off the blogosphere (The Piano ate my blog!)

Sounds like the dog ate my homework? Well that’s really what it is! Many people asked me  in person why I stopped blogging? Why I make very little noise on social media?

Simply put a few years ago I bought a friends second-hand piano and around the same time I lost a couple of relatives which soon became a complex and unpleasant situation. It happened that all my contracts and projects did not permit me to discuss my work and I found life very frustrating, many half finished blog posts with good intention to share but really the annoying life issues kept creeping up and interfered with my positive view of how technology and people make great rock and roll!

Now… I’ve another child, have my own company, travel, research and am slowly getting back to writing. I better not say I will be blogging regularly but I can say I still work with Virtualization, Systems Management, play games, arrange and give talks and I still believe deeply in technology and people! Next month I will be in Chicago at the MS Ignite conference and later in Hong Kong at the first experts virtualization conference in Asia. My kids have out smarted me on the piano and with all the travel I think I have some time to write.

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