About me

I’m a technology fanatic who’s got a thing about virtualizing stuff.

The most important thing to know about my blog is that its my personal opinion and anything you do as a result of my findings is your own responsibility. You should always verify technical changes I demonstrate with an official source.

As well as this blog I like getting involved in community events and lately have taken to traveling (globally) to meet other community leaders and speakers that may be able to visit one or more of our local groups.

I am a member of the Jersey BCS and support the committee, the founder of the Jersey Windows User Group and a member of Microsoft’s International Server and Cloud Customer Advisory Board.

If you any have feedback or want to get in touch feel free to e-mail me, add me on linked-in or if you tweet about stuff I like and follow me I will follow you back and share your articles.

I blog about other Travelling, Music and non Virtual Technologies here – www.ronaldisherwood.com

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