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The IT Pro: Is certification relevant?

The great question that resurfaces repeatedly in our industry concerns the value and relevance of IT certification. I have recently received a few notes from from Microsoft Learning about introducing their new certifications and I’d like to share these with you. Naturally, I have weighed in my personal opinion and lastly hope to furnish you […]

Microsoft’s New Cloud Assessment Tool

Well there’s something new and interesting. Microsoft have released a cloud based tool to help partners asses their customer cloud computing needs. I have already run a sample client through the tool and it’s a real time saver. Not only will partners benefit in time saved, clients will soon benefit as this may bring more […]

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What might IaaS look like in a private hosted cloud?

Today’s post is inspired by friends who stopped me in the shop, asking me to explain what a small IaaS customer in a cloud actually looks like? Gulp! Ever since I stopped smoking last year,  I don’t have a fag packet to draw the details on. I promised to draw something on my blog so […]

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