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Datacentre IT Process Automation

A few weeks ago I was at Inframon’s War on Cost event in London.  Prior to the event I had the opportunity to meet some of the team and a few Microsoft staff.  One conversation I had was around the many scenarios and capabilities of using System Center Opalis.  Part of my response to a […]

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Tech-Ed 2010 North America – summary.

Here is my summary of Microsoft Tech-ED North America 2010.  Hosted in the vibrant city of New Orleans. I have been to a major Microsoft event in both Europe and America now, I had an awesome time learning, even though a few times the demo gods let the presenters down, there was never enough to […]

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24 hours in New Orleans

I’m very exited and grateful  to be in New Orleans for TechEd 2010: straight off 3 flights yesterday (I hate flying) I went straight on a fish and seafood bender.  I guess I got back to the hotel slightly pickled around 5am GMT.  Today I have been out and about in street cars and marching on […]

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Best of Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) UK 2010: Manage the Future – Desktop to Cloud

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to avoid the ash cloud and land in London for the best of MMS 2010. After just a few hours sleep and the volcanic panic of the previous few days I was in a pretty bad mood on arrival.  I pitched up on time and was quickly in […]

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IT Grand Prix

4 teams are racing to win a a grand prize for charity, I hope you can join me and help a team win.  For more information on the challenges and the charities, follow the link here – Sign up for the blue team, introduce yourself and feel free to heckle the other teams. If you […]

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MMS 2010 Keynote – clouds ahead…

Service Manager, Opalis,  Long distance migration, System Center Virtual Machine Manager vNext, and an upcoming Azure management pack for SC Operations Manager, these were a few things in today’s keynote speech.    You can view the on demand version of the keynote speech here. I think Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative is clear about updating and developing […]

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Good solution providers always have options.

Excited to get some in depth training next week, I’ve been watching my flight countdown timer, last time I looked a bit closer, the small print sucked. Both my flights are cancelled due to the Volcanic Ash. Well I certainly wont be giving up that easily, I need to come up with options, someone mentioned […]

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Tech-days UK – Virtualization Summit

I managed to attend the first two days and here’s my opinion of day 1. Change car battery 2am, office 5am getting laptop, airport 6am queue, meet Adam queue, Plane, queue capital London! Airport queue, tube queue, Cinema queue – Tech days. Summary: informative for my consultancy role and while it was not the tech […]

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Rambles and a Jersey Windows Server Management User Group.

Not a technical week this week, I’m rebuilding my house as a iSCSI zone of excellence and waiting on a new super 64 bit capable laptop.  It’s time to take Hyper-V off the Mozart Media lab gaming machine and build a more permanent test lab -that’s non disruptive to our lounge 🙂 Yep the servers […]

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