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Falling off the blogosphere (The Piano ate my blog!)

Sounds like the dog ate my homework? Well that’s really what it is! Many people asked me  in person why I stopped blogging? Why I make very little noise on social media? Simply put a few years ago I bought a friends second-hand piano and around the same time I lost a couple of relatives […]

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Just 3 days to go until Europes E2E Virtualization conference. Will you be there?

Tonight I have the pleasure of packing my bag for my 4th attendance at Europe’s leading virtualization conference. As I flick through agenda I see I will have a few moments where I want to be in two sessions at the same time. E2E sessions are generally recorded and available afterwards along with slides, however one of […]

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Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference

These days I attend so many events you’d think I get bored of them. Well actually no! The opposite, I just try and choose the best ones! Flying out of Jersey I managed to sneak in a quick yet thoroughly enjoyable family visit, then ran down to the docklands for a multi-vendor programme updating me […]

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Techies in the 80’s

Earlier this year I wrote an article on my blog about my history and some technical experiences called Backup Evolution Today I thought I would open up one of the boxes from my late mothers belongings, I found cool photo’s and my school reports. Lots of interesting stuff but this particularly inspired me. A States […]

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System Support Engineer (Cloud)

As a freelance IT guy with a focus on “Le Cloud” I do like a little trickle of potential contracts filtering into the inbox, this one though, well I can’t resist. If it were not for the hate of filling in forms, I’d probably apply for the fun of it. Not that I can spell […]

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Is that a typo? No it’s not. It’s nothing short of a little cloud innovation. Something I just saw and had to pass on. It’s Zooming as a Service! A consequence of running a utility called Zoomit from the cloud . I noted this when @markrussinovich tweeted about the ability to run the Sysinternals tools […]

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Airport Tower visit

A little while ago I had yet another opportunity to test my love of heights, and what a great time that was . In the dark of night I had the opportunity to tour this hi tech wonder from bottom to top. Not only did I get to see it, I got to understand how […]

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Interesting play dough from my 5 year old

We have advised our 5 year old he is not allowed to play Kinect Sports, that this particular game is daddies game, he has Kinect adventures. In frustration he has taken the play dough and he has made us a present!  Is this a hint? Is that sporty shark? I’m sure that those letter say […]

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Increase password complexity, use a fingerprint reader…

I’m just doing some light reading on Windows 7 security, I found this Windows 7 Security Primer  article interesting and it made me think of a useful security enhancement I have begun using on my my HP TouchSmart tm2, the built in finger print reader.  It comes with HP SimplePass, a password database app that […]

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Back from my trip – happy new year

Wow, today I am back from 3 weeks in la belle France.  This Christmas my wife and I finally had our new septic system fitted, we have been trying to co-ordinate it for 6 years!  It cost the earth and involves a lot of digging and a lot of space. We were snowed in initially, […]

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