Jersey Windows User Group Tech Talk II

When: 19 December 2011 from 17:30 onwards.

Where: St Pauls Centre, Dumaresq Street, St Helier Jersey

The Jersey Windows User Group invites you to attend an evening of interactive technical talks with local and visiting technologists. Please register on eventbrite here. Ensure you cancel if your not coming as we are ordering food and refreshments.

Michael French, CCIE, local network and systems architect will talk about Windows Server 2008 R2 Certificate Services including and not limited to a brief history of cryptography, why certificates are important and how they work. Server & Client authentication, wildcard and SAN certificates, server topology for AD CS, auto Enrolment and the differences between 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2

Alex Juschin, Founder of the E2E Virtualization Conference, Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP, will talk about some of the great things going on in the world of SBC including an update from Citrix Synergy. Alex is the technical editor for the Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Resource Kit and for those that have not already will highlight some of the key features we should know about when moving from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2.

Ronnie Isherwood, MCITP, local systems engineer and technology trainer will discuss in this highly interactive session the benefits of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Clustering with Hyper-V. We will cover the known pain points and core considerations for design and support then have a preview of how Microsoft has enhanced deployment and management with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012


We will close the evening with a vote on your suggested topics for our first live technical debate (February) which we aim to be at least 90 Minutes. We would like your suggestions and will use them for a website poll, examples: IPV6, Server App-V, Private Cloud, Server Sprawl, BYO-D

We aim to record all sessions and will upload them to for members to view later.

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Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference


These days I attend so many events you’d think I get bored of them. Well actually no! The opposite, I just try and choose the best ones!

Flying out of Jersey I managed to sneak in a quick yet thoroughly enjoyable family visit, then ran down to the docklands for a multi-vendor programme updating me on virtualization, management and a little private cloud.

I met many great virtualization experts in a relaxed and informal environment.

IMAG0281Once again I have had thoroughly enjoyable learning and networking experience thanks to everyone involved from attendee to organizer. I am thrilled to join this community and have confirmed permission to attend in Vienna.

Big shout out to Citrix UK User Group for the travel tips.


This near perfect event is right up my street of great things to do and if it were any more perfect we’d probably have had some cake and eaten it Smile.

If you would like to attend in Vienna you will get a bonus  which is access to the previous videos, head here to book – E2E Virtualization Conference

Merci et bonne continuation

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Microsoft’s New Cloud Assessment Tool

Well there’s something new and interesting. Microsoft have released a cloud based tool to help partners asses their customer cloud computing needs.

I have already run a sample client through the tool and it’s a real time saver. Not only will partners benefit in time saved, clients will soon benefit as this may bring more structured approach to the cloud conversations.

How do you get running with this tool? Simply register here.

Wait for your activation e-mail



follow the link in your e-mail and start work on areas such as Messaging, Collaboration, Unified Comms, CRM or Line Of Business.


I ran my sample customer through this and from LOB application they showed Private Cloud as the clear choice.


I hope you enjoy working with it and if you don’t feel it’s enough and need that more personal touch from someone like the “Cloud Stig” to drive your cloud decisions to success?

Send an e-mail to

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SCVMM2012: Adding a host from an untrusted domain or workgroup

This quick guide is for those that want to deploy the agents to a host that doesn’t share the Virtual Machine Managers domain.

There are two steps. Firstly we must install the agent on the host, then we must add the host to VMM and import the security key generated during the agent setup. Here are those steps in detail.

Step 1: Agent Setup

This article is using the Release Candidate.

On the host, Launch setup.exe, from the installation screen select Local Agent


Select Next


Read the terms, select I agree the terms of this notice then select Next


You can select the path to install the agent then select Next


Select This host is on a perimeter network then enter the encryption key

Select the directory to export the file to or leave the default.

Optionally you can choose to use a CA signed certificate. When finished select Next.


Choose the network name or select IP address (You use when adding the host to SCVMM). Select Next


Update or use the default ports used for communication and file transfer then select Next.


You are ready to install the agent. Select Install.


Select Finish


Step 2: Add the host to SVMM

Copy the Security file generated in Step 1 to an area you can access from the VMM server.

Launch the SCVMM console, select Add Resources then select Hyper-V Hosts and Clusters


Select Windows Server computers in perimeter network, then select Next


Enter the Computer name or IP address that you used in Step 1, enter the Encryption key then browse to the Security File. Select the destination Host group then select Add. Select Next.


If the host has already been managed by VMM you can reassociate the machine, add any virtual machine placement paths (note this can be done later) then select Next.


Confirm the settings and select Finish.

*Note you can view the PowerShell script by select View Script.


That’s it, the job window will launch and the results of installation will appear there. On completion you will be able to manage your hosts.

* This article is using the Release Candidate.

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Installing and Evaluating VMM2012 RC

I’m just running through another SCVMM 2012 install and this time thought to capture the steps.

System requirements and prerequisite information for the release candidate is available in the official TechNet deployment documentation here.

Step by Step

*Note I’m using the Release Candidate here and at this time am not creating a Self Service Portal

Extracted the installation files from VMM.EVAL.RC, choose a path then launch setup from there.

Select Install


Select VMM management server (*note I will install the self service portal elsewhere)

VMM console is automatically selected, select Next


Enter the company registration information and the product key (no key required for RC)

Select Next


confirm the licence agreement and select Next


choose whether you will join the CEIP then select Next


choose if you want automatic updates from Microsoft, select Next


Select the installation location then select Next


Review and resolve and issues with perquisites, in my case we see not enough memory but as this is my lab I’ll leave it and continue, when done select Next


Enter the SQL server name and port if not using default. Enter the user name and password for connecting to the database. Enter the SQL instance name and Select either New database or existing database. Select Next.


This screen is where you decide what user account will be used to run the VMM service. For a Highly available installation you must use a domain account. Also for a Highly available installation you must store the encryption keys in Active Directory.

I would suggest that this is better option for future proofing your installation. If you need to rebuild the server then the keys will be available in AD.

For a detailed article on VMM key management requirements and setup you can read the VMM 2012 Encryption Management article on SCVMM team blog. Additionally there is a link on the screen to the online documentation.

When ready select Next


Here you can modify the default ports used, for more information on ports look at the TechNet Wiki here. When done select Next.




Here you can select to enter a name for the library share or accept the default. Alternatively select an exiting share. Note if you are installing SCVMM on cluster these option will be greyed out and you can setup a library share later.

When done select Next.


Optional: as my install is on a Hyper-V VM? I’m taking a snapshot, if there’s any issue I won’t have to fill in all the details again!.


Review your settings and select Install

That’s it, it worked for me. Now onto some hosts…

Check out the TechNet Wiki VMM 2012 Survival guide for lots more on SCVMM

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Managing Private & Hybrid Clouds

Presentation: Managing Private & Hybrid Clouds

Immediately after the Jersey BCS AGM we will have a presentation and demonstrations of Microsoft’s latest innovation in Private & Public Cloud management technologies.

Monday, September 26, 2011 from 12:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Register here –

In this fast paced session we will deliver an overview of the System Center Roadmap then dive into one of most exciting products in the suite, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.

This demonstration driven experience will highlight some of the core new capabilities of Microsoft’s Private Cloud management technology.  We will also take a look what the current System Center suite can achieve with integration of products such as Operations Manager, AVIcode, Configuration Manager and Service Manager.

We will remain after the presentation for a System Center Q&A.

Our Speaker

Simon Skinner MVP has been in the computer industry since the early 1990’s. Starting out as a VB programmer where he developed stock control systems for haulage companies. From there he moved into networking gaining a high level of experience and expertise in designing and building web farms for large organizations.

Aware of its increasing importance in the new Millennium, Simon turned his attention to System Management with Microsoft SMS and MS MOM. Simon’s talent’s continued evolving with the System Center products with specialities including Hosted and multi-tenanted System Center, System Center Application Monitoring, Web Site and .Net services.

As well as demonstrating Microsoft technologies he has architected and deployed System Center to clients around the World and is a regular Speaker at Microsoft’s TechEd and Management Summit events.

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System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012




Over in Las Vegas at Microsoft Management Summit this year I attended almost every session to learn about this exceptional third iteration product. Using remote protocol I traversed back to my shuttle and installed it minutes after the beta was released, since then I have been quietly poking around enjoying the direction it’s taken.

Perhaps Microsoft do not see VMM as a flagship product today, virtualfat will go out on a limb, shake his fist and say – it should be! Not because I’m nuts about virtualization and management, because I think this whole decoupling applications from operating’s systems, rapidly deploying services, self service delegation and simple scalability (I could really on and wont just now) is the way forwards in infrastructure design and management.

I wrote to a product team member a long time ago complaining about the number of consoles in the management technologies. If they listened, chose to agree or not, I will probably never know! However what I tried to say to that program lead was… To take a look from the Server Admin perspective, visit the good old NT4.0 days when products like Hyena brought many essential tools into a single functional workspace.

Remember the launch of the MMC? That probably stunted Hyena a bit…

Around the time my e-mail went in I also got the time to say this in response to a blog question.


Anyway someone is working for System Admins because DPM2012 and SCOM integration is exactly what I see as hugely beneficial but really only the tip of the one flexi-console iceberg.

SCVMM is ultimately about to become the tool to have and thus forth its time launch my “modus operandi in nubibus“ campaign.

If you are in Jersey next week I’d strongly recommend attending the BCS AGM where we will show you SCVMM 2012 and much more. By the way this is rare opportunity to talk to a visiting enterprise System Center architect and trainer from a very well known company.

Keep your eyes peeled for JWUG sessions, upcoming Master Classes and Workshops on this subject. If you want upgrade or planning help, feel free to track me down next month!

Have you looked at the benefits of “Windows Server 8”?

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System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager Beta





I saw my first DPM 2012 demo at the Microsoft Management summit earlier this year, I was rather impressed and have eagerly awaited this download.

There’s a lot of new features for me to #like in DPM2012 and as I get through test driving it I’ll be sure to share anything interesting.

If your looking to test drive the beta yourself here’s a link to the download and document listing help with all the new features – DPM 2012 download

Also I should mention the System Center team will host a series of online meetings highlighting the features and functionality of the DPM beta, however to register you need to join one of the System Center Community Evaluation Programs. All the CEPs are great way to see what’s coming next or get an interactive introduction to a System Center technology. You can fill in a CEP survey and enrol here.

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Results of the Hyper-V Survey

I finally found time to review the results of a recent Hyper-V survey conducted by Aidan Finn, Hans Vredvoort and Damian Flynn. A great piece of work, the collection and analysis of this information had my eyebrows raised more than once and on occasion I found myself chuckling at the things Aidan doesn’t like.

If your not familiar with the survey, it was 80 questions and received a response from 650 customers around the world. Below are the the sections to give a taster of the contents. A highly recommended read for IT managers deploying virtualization and of course for consultants and administrators.

Section 1: Why Hyper-V

Section 2: Hyper-V Implementation

Section 3: Systems Management

Section 4: Private Cloud

Section 5: The Year is 2012

To read and download the results head to the blogs of the authors by clicking on their names above.

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Techies in the 80’s

Earlier this year I wrote an article on my blog about my history and some technical experiences called Backup Evolution

Today I thought I would open up one of the boxes from my late mothers belongings, I found cool photo’s and my school reports. Lots of interesting stuff but this particularly inspired me. A States Of Jersey job description questionnaire from the local college dated 30 June 1987. That makes me 11 at the time and is 24 years ago.

I often wonder who influenced little @virtualfat into this industry and I think I pretty much found one of the ringleaders!

I remember spending at least one summer holiday in the college poking around in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, nothing hides from 11 year olds and that is fact.

You could find me zooming the college hallways on a Go Kart, I recall people taking the stairs when I filled the lift with the Kart! Frankly, I remember really enjoying a summer there, it was huge and mostly empty and wasn’t there a piano? I like pianos.

Here’s a little tech details of this blast from past:

Her job title was: Computer Technician


And the responsibilities were…


The knowledge and experience required?


That’s quite a bit of knowledge required and this post would be too long if I added all the other tasks and experience mention in the following job pages.

Now here’s something I really find interesting. about that 80’s equipment? What fun was being had up at the local college back then?


That’s a nice list, I think I’m too young remember hand on with some of this if it all, I do remember using the Ferranti’s, Amstrads, IBMs, BBCs and the photocopier. I do remember the day a mainframe was delivered from one of the local banks, they had to have planks of wood laid down on the floor, so it could be rolled down the corridors! Anyone remember which bank and which model?

These days I don’t know the kit list but for a small island, I’d say the local college is doing pretty well with many great courses.

Oh yeah, I am the little bugger that stole many 5 1/4” disks, beat your high score on Dig Dug. I also could fly through the hanger on Microsoft Flight simulator and plaid relentless hours of Rogue.

Something vaguely suggest there was a drinks dispenser with unlimited hot chocolate in the staff canteen, the chairs were orange…. Wow, some memory from a job questionnaire.

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