System Support Engineer (Cloud)

As a freelance IT guy with a focus on “Le Cloud” I do like a little trickle of potential contracts filtering into the inbox, this one though, well I can’t resist.

If it were not for the hate of filling in forms, I’d probably apply for the fun of it.


Not that I can spell either Smile

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VMWare Memory Licencing

My blog is quite due to being snowed under, however I do read the news and can’t help but comment on this one. Licencing to me is a pain in the proverbial, I’m an engineer, architect, consultant and administrator and not an accountant. Apparently I need to be one as I now have even more to worry about with yet another critical resource tax.

Memory licencing has been written about by many analysts and experts and debated in the forums by customers and partners so I wont write up a lengthy opinion until I have fully reviewed the latest vSphere technology.

One company that’s posted a good article is vKernel If your interested to see what the leading capacity management people have to say, check out their new blog post including links to their free tools and whitepaper to help with memory sizing.

vRAM Pricing – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

While I try to remain agnostic in my consultancy one thinks I will not only recommend Hyper-V for Microsoft workloads but going forwards I’ll be avoiding vSPhere where memory hungry solutions such as document management would be very costly and are better suited with a hypervisor that doesn’t have taxes imposed!

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Jersey Windows User Group: Tech Talk

The Jersey Windows User Group is proud to present an evening of Tech Talk.

Both sessions are delivered by the JWUG hosts and are as follows:

Wireshark Primer (Michael French)

Everything you need to know about RemoteFX (Ronnie Isherwood)

There are giveaways such as groovy T-shirts,handy component architecture posters, and a chance to win Windows 7 Ultimate along with snacks, refreshments, geek networking and…. Xbox with Kinect for those that need to unwind after work.

To find out more about this event you can read more here –

We will be online at the art centre from 5pm until 10pm and hope you can make it.

To book this event please register here –

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Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1

Microsoft has released SP1 for Virtual Machine Manager’s V2 Portal. This free solution is the foundation for turning what might referred to as dynamic datacentre into a private cloud.

To download and read more on the release head follow the link.

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Is that a typo? No it’s not. It’s nothing short of a little cloud innovation. Something I just saw and had to pass on.

It’s Zooming as a Service! A consequence of running a utility called Zoomit from the cloud Smile.

I noted this when @markrussinovich tweeted about the ability to run the Sysinternals tools direct from the cloud.

What is Zoomit? It is a great utility for presenting or giving software demo’s allowing you to quickly zoom in and highlight areas of the screen. There are lot’s of other super tools in the suite such Process Explorer and Disk2VHD, I’d recommend knowing what’s available in this free toolkit.

To access the tools direct you can enter \\\tools into your browser. For more info and support there is a file in the directory labelled About_ThisSite.txt, it will tell you more about the…site.

If like me you use twitter and work in IT, I’d suggest following Mark Russinovich for updates on the handy set of tools.

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System Center Advisor

Microsoft System Center Advisor

Earlier this year at their Management summit, Microsoft announced the release candidate of System Center Advisor (formally Microsoft codename Atlanta). Essentially an Azure based cloud service which you can deploy to systems to assess server configuration and proactively avoid problems.

SC Advisor is currently capable of providing guidance on Windows Server, SQL Server, Hyper-V and Active Directory.

You can read more about and download Advisor – here.

I deployed it in my lab and found it very easy to use and it quickly alerted me to a few updates I could deploy and settings I could tweak to ensure my environment was tip top Smile.

I’ll be brief, I like it, it’s got great potential and it’s in going in my solutions toolkit.

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Bandwidth Paradise

you may remember last year I mentioned 4G in Jersey and I mentioned on linked-in the gigabit Jersey article. Today the BBC have nipped over and had a little look at the bandwidth on offer in one of the new residential areas. Interestingly enough I just visited a very cool hotel near this area, a hotel capable of running event’s in style with NO Internet issues.

Check out the video –

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Windows Thin PC RTMs!

Good news for Microsoft Software Assurance customers. As of 1 July 2011 we will be able to download the lightweight edition of Windows. Maybe put that stack of old PC’s to good use eh?

I like the fact you can make use of technology such as Forefront Endpoint Protection and Citrix Receiver!

To find out more about the release you can read about it on the Windows Team Blog here.

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Take SCVMM2012 out for a guided test drive.

“We are on a long roadmap with SCVMM”, that is what Microsoft’s virtualization team said back on September 6th 2007. Virtual Machine Manager was at RTM back then and since that announcement this System Center application has grown to be very welcome datacentre tool indeed.

In this latest upcoming edition of Virtual Machine Manager we see innovation that transforms the product from what is a dynamic datacentre tool, to the next generation of cloud, virtual machine and service management solutions.

Earlier in the year I attended the Management Summit and this slide was one shown at the beginning of a serious of session in which I was given a full overview of what I believe will become a very popular datacentre product.


To find out about this version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager in an interactive way, you can apply to the official guided Community Evaluation Program. I highly recommend this style of program to people considering deploying, migrating to or upgrading SCVMM.

To discover and enrol for the VMM Community Evaluation program Follow the link below

Apply to Virtual Machine Manager CEP

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Recommended hotfixes for SCVMM

The latest recommended hotfixes for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2

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