Backup Evolution

Backup technology has been a part of my world for a long time.  As a child, I went to the office to change the tapes at night with mum in the early 80’s. I used to drive her nuts, hiding in printers, rearranging peoples desks, collecting highlighters and post it notes. I laugh now, but […]

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Scheduling a utilization report in DPM 2010

My opinion is that it is a best practice to be automatically informed of your disk utilization for any Disk to Disk based data protection solution.  Apart from being on top of when you need more space, you can quickly see abnormal changes to data volumes. For this quick DPM 2010 guide the prerequisites are […]

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Tech-Ed 2010 North America – summary.

Here is my summary of Microsoft Tech-ED North America 2010.  Hosted in the vibrant city of New Orleans. I have been to a major Microsoft event in both Europe and America now, I had an awesome time learning, even though a few times the demo gods let the presenters down, there was never enough to […]

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Backing up the internet with DPM 2010

My wife asked me to back up the internet before I went to bed tonight.  She needs it in the morning as a matter of urgency! I supposedly should know better than not to back things up anyway! Our agreed SLA is 8 hours, I have figured it out in 7. We are going to […]

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